Wedding Day Timeline and Things You Might Want To Consider

Only since starting to work in the wedding industry in Cumbria have I come to realise just how much of a task it is to plan an entire wedding…..am I right or am I right? There is so much to consider and research. Venues, Photographer (very important…see what I did there?), flowers, cake, bridal party, what to wear, stationery…. the list is endless if you’re planning a traditional wedding. It’s exhausting!

Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

Why is wedding photography so blooming expensive? That’s a question that many brides and grooms here in Cumbria and across the UK ask when they start looking to hire their photographer and are often shocked at the costs. I’ve actually once heard someone say that when suppliers hear the word ‘wedding’ they start adding hundreds to the bill! But is that really the case? Do suppliers and photographers really bump up the costs for weddings?