What Is The Appeal Of Black And White Wedding Photography

As a Cumbrian wedding photographer I have to admit to a love affair with the monochrome image. The Lake District landscape is so beautiful and wild it easily lends itself to the creation of dramatic black and white imagery.

So why do we love a black and white wedding photo? Black and white photography has been here from the beginning and while many aspects of photography has changed over time, a black and white image from a wedding day will always be a classic. They are timeless. There is nothing more appealing than stripping the colour from an image to reveal the subject in all its monochrome glory. However knowing what images work in black and white is key. Black and white photography removes any distraction of colour and helps you to focus on things like the subject, composition, emotion etc. Colour can very important in a photograph though so getting it right is crucial. Here are a few reasons I might convert wedding photos into black and white.

1. Timeless classic appeal

A bride and groom image in B&W has a timeless quality that gives a classic look. It conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication that colour can struggle to replicate. It can evoke a sense of nostalgia and it will never go out of style as it transcends eras and trends. Although it has been used since the beginning of photography it still retains its elegance and charm today.

2. Emotional impact

The use of B&W imagery for weddings can enhance the emotional impact of the photo. By removing colour distractions, the focus is on the emotion and expressions of the subjects and this can create a more intimate and powerful connection between the viewer and the image. Whether it’s people laughing or crying it really helps to capture the essence of the moment and the overall mood of the scene.

3. The Drama

I think it’s fair to say that when landscapes or architecture are included in an image it can make for a more dramatic scene and this can be further enhanced with a B&W conversion.

4. Aesthetic qualities

B&W photography has a unique aesthetic that can emphasise shapes, lines, textures and patterns in a way that colour photography cannot. It can create a sense of depth and contrast that can add drama and mood to a wedding photo. Indeed some photographers actually photograph in black and white as it helps them to see all of those things more clearly than they would in colour. The simplicity of a black and white image often creates a more powerful and memorable scene.

5. Enduring quality

Black and white photography is known for its durability and longevity. It can stand the test of time and look fresh and impactful years later making it an ideal medium for wedding photographs.

Overall, the appeal for me of black and white wedding photography lies in its ability to create beautiful, emotive images that are both classic and timeless and at the same time look polished and professional. I know that generations of families will see these images and feel nostalgic just looking at them and that is a beautiful gift to give them.